7 Advantages of an Indoor Football Pitch

7 Advantages of an Indoor Football Pitch
7 Advantages of an Indoor Football Pitch

Indoor football pitches are a great alternative to playing the game outdoors. They offer many benefits that you may not have considered, such as convenience and year-round playability. Here are seven reasons why you should visit our state-of-the-art soccer dome in Dublin for your next game.

1.Football All Year Round, Whatever the Weather

An Indoor Football Pitch is ideal for those who want to play without having to worry about the weather conditions. You also don’t have to worry about getting mud on your clothing or slipping and falling because the ground is wet. Additionally, your spectators won’t have to endure bad weather in order to watch you play.

2.Flat Terrain to Show off Your Skills

One of the great things about an indoor football pitch is that it provides a smooth, flat surface for your tricks and turns. The even ground allows you to control the ball the way you want, without worrying about obstacles or bad weather ruining your game. This helps reduce mistakes and missed opportunities, resulting in a smoother flow of play.

3.Expertly Maintained Grounds

At our facility, you’ll be playing on 4G astro pitches that are always well-maintained and provide a great footballing experience. There’s no risk of weather damage or stud marks, so the playing surface is always perfect. The goals are of the same high quality and there is netting around each pitch to keep the ball in play and flowing.

4.Play into the Night and in the Light

Our soccer dome is open until 11pm, so you can play in to the night without the worry of poor lighting or dropping temperatures. At our facility, we have high-quality lighting to ensure that you can play your best game. Footballing under a poorly lit flood light isn’t always fun, but with our indoor pitches, you won’t have to worry about that.

5.Reduce the Risk of Injury

Playing on a state-of-the-art synthetic grass pitch is a lot different than playing on an outdoor pitch. For one, you don’t have to worry about studs since they’re not allowed on the synthetic grass.

This means that you’re less likely to get kicked in the leg during a tackle, which can be painful. Additionally, the synthetic grass has a layer of shock absorbers to help prevent against injuries. And since there is no rain, you don’t have to worry about slipping, either!

6.Clean and Tidy Facilities

As an indoor air dome, we take pride in our clean and tidy facilities, which creates a welcoming environment for players and viewers. For those coming along to watch the match, we have ample viewing space around the pitches and vending machines, so you can grab a snack whilst enjoying the game.

Group of women, girls soccer team on the field indoors, training together, rear view.

7.You Can Book Events

At our soccer dome, you can have your birthday, stag do, or any other special occasion. If you want to book a fun footballing event, we have an Indoor Football Pitch available in Dublin.

You can play 5, 6 or 9 a-side matches. Afterwards, you can have some food and refreshments. If you want to do something different, you can also choose to play tag rugby, ultimate Frisbee , Segway Adventures, etc.

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