Top Benefits & Side Effects of Oregano tea:( A Herb Tea)

Top Benefits & Side Effects of Oregano tea:( A Herb Tea)
Top Benefits & Side Effects of Oregano tea:( A Herb Tea)

Oregano tea is a well known herb frequently used in cooking & in my dishes ,basically a medicated one & also in prescribed by various doctors. It belongs to the Mint family & is obtained from oregano leaves; the leaves may be dry or fresh but the dry ones have more taste u will surely notice the difference.

Benefits of oregano tea:

Oregano tea is beneficial in many aspects that

  • It gives relief from menstrual period pain.
  • Oregano tea also play a vital role in sore throat, 
  • That if you are suffering from severe gut problems & feel  rushing  
  • & stiffness then oregano tea must help you to cure quickly.
  •  As we know there are many bacterias & other germs in the food we eat or already present in our digestive system or tract, some of them may be harmful for us. By drinking this there is 80% guarantee to be safe.
  •  Any kind of nausea & motion sickness can be cured by drinking Oregano tea.
  • People may use oregano for healing wounds.
  • Parasites attack on wounds & skin may also be cured by drinking this scientific or medicated Oregano tea.
  • Oregano tea can appease & mollify the sleep & give a much peace of mind.
  • Oregano show estrogenic activities that help to induce steroid.

Side effects of oregano tea:

  • Oregano tea may have poisonous leaves which may be toxic & indigestible.
  • Oregano tea may cause diarrhoea & vomiting.
  • Oregano leaves oil may cause rashes on the hormones, so it also influences hormonal changes.
  • As oregano tea provides a soothing effect & casts a spell of peace so it can better or improve your learning & thinking skills.
  • skin which may also result in soreness or redness on the skin.
  • If a person drink up to or more than 4 cups a day he might suffer from severe stomach issues.
  • As there is presence of water pill or diuretic drug  in oregano tea so access to intake can cause abdominal or diuretic effects.
  • Oregano tea may affect your potential & aptitude to suck up essential nutrients of copper,iron & zinc.

Recipe for making oregano tea:

The procedure of making oregano tea is as below:

  • For the purpose of making oregano tea, firstly boil cup of
  • Water & provide it heat until you feel all bacteria may be removed.
  • Then put dry leaves of oregano which is actually a herb you can also use in powdered form & then situate them in the boiling water.
  • For your tongue you can add some white or brown sugar.
  • Mix the mixture of tea in water gently.
  • Leave the mixture for 2 to 3 minutes.
  • Then strain it with tea strainer & then enjoy the oregano tea.

Best time for infuse or to take oregano tea:

  • As it is reported by some families that they suffer allergic reactions or other stomach issues when they use oregano day in high concentration.
  • So for the best result you should infuse it once a day.
  • You can drink it in the morning or before sleep, but make sure it fits for the regulation of your body.


1: Does oregano tea help to lose weight?

Yes oregano tea is medicated or helpful for digestion purpose, it also gives valuable results in weight loss.

2:Does oregano tea cause stomach problems?

Oregano tea may cause stomach problems ,if it is not taken in concentrated amounts.

3:Does high intake of oregano tea cause problems?

As we know, access of anything is bad, so high concentration cause problems for health.

4:Does oregano tea relax the mind?

Oregano tea provides a soothing effect & can relax you up to your muscles.

5:What is the scientific name of oregano leaves?

Organum vulgare is the scientific name of oregano leaves present in oregano tea.


The main theme or mean of this article is that you can be aware with the benefits of oregano tea, on health or skin & its determinants when high concentration is used. 

You can make & enjoy its benefits by following & reading the above article.


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