8 TIPS TO HEAL SKIN INFLAMMATION. Yes, even in the summer: our lack of sleep deficit, trying to overstay too long in the sun (not that that’s a good idea), and allergic reactions are among the biggest culprits daily.

Sometimes, you’re too frustrated to find one. Sometimes, your whole body hurts because of the infection.

If it gets too bad, go to the hospital – they know what to do.

1. Avoid the sun

Sun damage can be one of the prime causes of skin inflammation. And you could do more harm to your legs when you continue to go out there in the sun, as prolonged exposure aggravates the skin even further and ups its essential for infections.

But if you must step out, be sure to protect your legs by wearing sunscreen and some long sleeves so that when you’re outside for a longer period, your chances of developing potentially fatal cancers will be lowered.

2. Rinse with cool water

A cool shower makes all the difference! When our skin is flustered, we can sometimes be tempted to go overboard with the soap and other abrasive cleansers and treatments.

Our advice – skip the rough scrubbing and go for oatmeal-based soaps instead. At the same time, don’t take long showers and avoid washing with hot water as both kinds of extremes will dry out your skin, leaving it stripped of its natural oils and potentially susceptible to redness or irritation.

3. Give your daily skincare routine without a break

Skin inflammation can make your skin extra soft to ingredients you typically use without a problem, causing common products to worsen the situation.

Try to keep things as simple as possible with a gentle cleanser and moisturizer. Lastly, resist the urge to cover up the redness with makeup that can act as a skin irritant.

4. Moisturize

While inflammation buries your outer layer deep within the skin and robs the normally protected parts of your body, a moisturizer will seal those covered areas to prevent infections and keep the underlying tissue safe.

5. Use kitchen ingredients

If you’re trying to soothe yourself from heat rash or sunburn, try thinking outside the box regarding home remedies. One of the simple ways to cool your burning skin is by using cucumber slices or simply throwing in some ice cubes!

Another great remedy consists of simple oatmeal and green tea scrub. Honey also helps relieve redness and swelling due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

6. Check your diet

To reduce the rate of acne breakouts, avoid foods that are known to irritate, such as processed foods and dairy products. Alcohol also makes skin more susceptible to pimples, so try cutting back on drinking.

Try replacing them with healthy snacks such as fruits, nuts, and veggies. Also, aim for eight glasses of water per day because they contain antioxidants.

7. Wear comfortable clothes

Tight clothing can trigger inflammation on the skin that’s already damaged. A great alternative would be wearing loose clothing that does not stick to the skin and keeps it cool.

8. Pop an anti-inflammatory

If the problem persists, see your dermatologist and request a stronger steroid cream or tablet. If the attempts to relieve the itching fail, you should consult a skin specialist who will prescribe necessary medications.

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