Top tricks, hacks and tips on taking photos of your pet

Top tricks, hacks and tips on taking photos of your pet
Top tricks, hacks and tips on taking photos of your pet

It can be pretty tough to snap a picture of your dog or cat that looks just as good as the pros do. Our in-house photographer, Ben Hanson, shared his top tips with us for taking the best pictures of your pets.

Internal Communications Manager also gave it a try with her own cats.

Here are their best tips for capturing our furry friends at their very best.

Make the most of natural light

Pets love to sunbathe, and what better place to do it than next to a window? If your pet enjoys being in the sun, try to place them next to a window or as close to one as possible.

Even if it means moving furniture, it’ll be worth it when you see how much your pet loves basking in the warm rays.

Use your phone’s light if you have to

Here are some ways to take photos of your pet when lighting is bad:

  • Use a phone’s torch to shine at your cat or dog while taking the photo with another device.
  • If you don’t have a second phone or the torch isn’t strong enough, you can try changing your camera’s settings to help with low light shooting.

Get creative and change your perspective

When taking pictures of your pet, instead of always taking them from above, try getting down to their level.

This will change the perspective of your photographs and give you some new angles to work with. Plus, if you focus the camera on your pet’s eyes, you can really capture their soul in the portrait.

Have a go at reflection photos

To add some interesting elements to your shots, try taking a photo of your dog’s reflection in a puddle and flipping the photo, or capture your cat gazing through the window. This might be a little trickier than the other techniques, so keep trying!

Use a treat, ball or toy

Taking pictures of your furry best friend is a lot easier when you have some help! Having someone to keep your pet occupied with a treat, ball, or toy will let you take care of the camera without having to worry about anything else.

If you’re alone, you might be able to hold a bribe in one hand and take the picture with the other.

Less is always more

A busy or messy background can take away from your photo’s main subject. If you are unable to change what is behind your pet, move in closer so that you don’t show too much of the background and instead keep the focus on your cat or dog. This way, they will get the attention they deserve!

Editing your photos

Now that you have your photos, it’s time to get creative and make them your own with some editing!

Most phone cameras include tools to straighten crooked framing, and you can experiment with different filters to enhance the colours or adjust the exposure. Have fun and see what works best to make your pet pop!

Have fun and enjoy the outtakes

We’ve all been there – you’re trying to get that perfect shot, and then your furry friend decides they want to be in on the action. Or, you’re finally captured the perfect moment only to realize it’s a little blurry.

But don’t worry! These moments can end up being some of your photographs. Just remember to have fun, no matter what the outcome is.

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