Watch Netflix on Switch: Stream Netflix On Switch [Guide 2022]:

With applications like CrunchyRoll available for download on the Nintendo Switch, it would seem that Netflix would be a natural addition.

However, unfortunately, the app is not currently available in the eShop and we don’t know if it ever will be. You can get to Netflix by going through another application; however, you can’t actually watch any content with your Switch much as it is.

Can you set up Netflix on your Nintendo Switch?

When it comes to streaming content from services like Netflix, there are always risks. There’s no way to get access with the Nintendo eShop. It’s only available by jailbreaking your Switch, but there is a risk that hackers find a way into your system.

Fortunately, there is a way to get access to Netflix through the hidden web browser, but once you choose what show or movie you want to watch, it will ask you to download a plugin. This is because Netflix thinks that your system might be outdated and doesn’t have enough power for running videos without one.

The only way you’d be able to download the plugin would be if you jailbreak your Switch which leaves it wide open for hackers to hack in and Nintendo would not give any assistance to help fix any issues the console has after being hacked.

Other streaming options on Nintendo Switch:

For popular streaming apps that are a little bit more pricey, like Netflix, there are plenty of great options. Here’s a list of six free options available through the Nintendo eShop.

For anime fans, there is Crunchyroll and Funimation. Both have free options with paid subscriptions for anime fans as well. There are also card and video game competitions to choose from as well as sing-alongs, other great content for kids, and original TV shows so you can feel like you’re returning to your childhood again.”

Switch between games and shows:

The portability of the Nintendo Switch along with its excellent screen size makes it a convenient way to enjoy entertainment.

While you can’t watch Netflix, you CAN stream other streaming options such as Hulu, Amazon Prime or YouTube TV. And don’t worry – we’ll keep you updated if Netflix shows up on the Switch’s eShop in the future!

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